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  • Leveraging on our extensive network and previous relationships, we are able to assist our client companies with developing an effective engagement strategy with regulators. We help clients manage risk and unlock value by engaging effectively with governments, regulators, and other external stakeholders.

Specifically, our regulatory engagement and compliance usually involves all or any of the following:

Proactively advising client companies about any regulation(s) that may affect their business and recommend steps for compliance.

Identifying, and building strategies for client companies to proactively engage with a broad range of external stakeholders; regulators, consumers, the media, local communities, NGOs, and financial institutions.

Helping clients secure regulatory licenses, certificates, and permits e.g. Expatriate Quota, CAC documents, CERPAC Card, etc. We are also able to assist clients in rendering monthly returns to regulatory bodies and governmental agencies.

Helping client companies proactively develop and implement relationship-building strategies with regulatory bodies.

Helping client companies identify regulatory risks, set-up controls to mitigate the risks, develop a compliance program/ calendar to ensure the controls are being complied with and advise on the efficiencies of the control measures.

Setting up effective and automated regulatory compliance programs and implementing effective monitoring mechanisms.

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