Our training programs are facilitated by renowned experts who are carefully selected based on their experience and expertise. Some of the offered training programs are shown below

2024 Calendar

Kaizen Company Secretarial School for Company Secretaries/Legal Advisers

Virtual Class
  • Labor Law for HR Managers and Legal Advisers
  • Compliance and Regulatory Reporting
  • Company Secretaries and Board Effectiveness
  • Company Secretarial Practice for Optimum Productivity
  • Jan 31 - Feb 2

    Kaizen Academy’s 2-Day Masterclass on Presentation Skills and Building Media Personality

    Virtual Class
  • Critical Skills in Media Presenting
  • Critical Skills for Sustaining your Audience
  • Building an International On-Air Personality and Managing Interviews Effectively
  • Building and Sustaining a Brand/Fan Base
  • Hosting Public Events
  • Keys to Effective Public Presentation
  • Mar 14 - 15

    Kaizen Strategy School for Heads of Strategy Function

    Virtual Class
  • Business Re-Engineering for Enhanced Performance
  • Adopting effective Post-Covid Strategies
  • Cutting Edge Skills for Exceptional Leaders
  • Developing, Executing & Sustaining Strategy for Competitive Advantage
  • Apr 4 - 5

    IFRS Basics for Lawyers

    Virtual Class
  • Understanding Interpretation of Financial Statements
  • Understanding IFRS
  • Apr 15

    Kaizen Company Secretarial School for Company Secretaries/Legal Advisers

    Virtual Class
  • Corporate Governance Evaluation: Best Practices for Optimum Results
  • CSR/Sustainability Reporting
  • Effective Regulatory Corporate Compliance
  • Legal Documentation of Contracts
  • Litigation Management by In-House Counsel
  • Jun 5 - 7

    Finance and Soft Skills for Lawyers

    Virtual Class
  • Relationship Management
  • Developing Confidence, persistence and Assertiveness
  • Communication Skills
  • Developing an Executive Presence
  • Jul 18

    Improving Board Efficiency – For Directors

    Virtual Class
  • Developing and monitoring a Board Annual Plan
  • Tracking Strategic Goals
  • Reinforcing Governance Safeguards
  • Aug 15 - 16

    Kaizen Company Secretarial School for Company Secretaries/Legal Advisers

    Virtual Class
  • Contract Evaluation and Negotiation
  • Improving Performance and Productivity of Legal Officers
  • Extracting Value from Board Committees
  • Business Conduct and Ethics
  • Legal Issues on AI, Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Oct 30 - 31

    Distinguishing Skills for the Quintessential General Counsel

    Virtual Class
  • Understanding International Legal Concepts
  • Public Speaking
  • Mastering Emotional Intelligence
  • Differentiating Practices for Company Secretaries
  • Nov 12 - 13

    Ensuring Company Efficiency in A Volatile Macroeconomy, Special Focus on Nigeria

    Virtual Class
    Rate to be agreed
  • Understanding Nigeria's Macroeconomic Landscape
  • Economic Volatility in Nigeria: Causes and Impact
  • Risk Management in a Volatile Macroeconomy
  • Managing Foreign Exchange Crises
  • Strategic Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Supply Chain Resilience and Optimization
  • Regulatory Compliance and Government Relations
  • Talent Management and Workforce Efficiency
  • Investment and Diversification Strategies
  • Feb 22 - 23

    The Role of the Board in an AI Environment

    Virtual Class
    Rate to be agreed
  • AI Landscape and Trends
  • AI Strategy and Governance
  • Board Responsibility in AI Decision-Making
  • AI Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Ethical AI and Responsible AI Practices
  • AI Investments and ROI Evaluation
  • AI Talent and Culture
  • AI and Competitive Advantage in the Digital Era
  • May 16 - 17

    Shareholder Activism and Mergers & Acquisitions

    Virtual Class
    Rate to be agreed
  • Shareholder Activism: Types and Strategies
  • Preparing for Shareholder Activism
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Landscape
  • M&A Strategies and Decision-Making
  • Evaluating and Negotiating M&A Deals
  • The Role of the Board in M&A Transactions
  • Defending Against Hostile Takeovers
  • Post-Merger Integration and Value Creation
  • Jun 27 - 28

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Virtual Class
    Rate to be agreed
  • Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Legal and Regulatory Aspects
  • Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership
  • Measuring DE&I Progress
  • Talent Management and Inclusive Hiring
  • Diverse Supplier Engagement
  • Crisis Management in DE&I
  • Intersectionality and Special Considerations
  • Sep 5 - 6

    Strategy, Risk, and Crisis Management

    Virtual Class
    Rate to be agreed
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Identifying and Assessing Business Risks
  • Risk Management and Mitigation
  • Crisis Preparedness and Response
  • Crisis Communication and Reputation Management
  • Ethics and Accountability in Governance
  • Emerging Trends in Corporate Governance
  • Oct 3 - 4

    Board’s role in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

    Virtual Class
    Rate to be agreed
  • ESG Frameworks and Standards
  • Integrating ESG into Corporate Strategy
  • ESG Reporting and Disclosure
  • Board Oversight of Environmental Impact
  • Social Responsibility and Community Engagement
  • Ethical Governance and Corporate Values
  • Climate Change and Sustainability
  • ESG Metrics and Performance Measurement
  • Dec 5 - 6

    Large Business

    Unlimited Employees
    Plus One-Time Bambee In-Depth HR Audit For:

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