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  • With an understanding that Corporate Strategy remains an effective means to allocate a company's resources, establish business expectations, and improve a company's competitive position as well as increase shareholder value. We are able to review the Company's short, medium, and long-term corporate strategy and make recommendations to further improve on its efficiency and impact.
  • With our team of experts, corporate strategists, and Management Consultants, we are able to undertake a gap analysis of the Company's performance, identify areas for improvement and make practical recommendations to improve the culture, bottom line and overall efficiency.

Corporate Change
Management Expertise

With our expertise, we are able to analyze the entire gamut of the Company’s operations and governance structure towards identifying areas requiring improvement and making recommendations for improved overall efficiency.

Specifically, our Corporate Strategy formulation will involve:

Our External Quality Assessment (EQA) of the Internal Audit Function is undertaken according to the standards of the Institute of Internal Auditors (“IIA”), Codes of Corporate Governance by the Security and Exchange Commission, the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (“SEC Corporate Governance Guidelines” and “NCCG”) as well as the leading practice in the company’s industry globally. This engagement is geared toward providing the client company with an independent view of the effectiveness of the internal audit function vis-a-vis IIA standards, regulatory requirements, and best practices. We will also benchmark the performance of the internal audit function against the Global Audit Information Network (GAIN) reports. At the end of the engagement, practicable recommendations will be proffered to address identified opportunities for improvement.

More specially, our EQA engagement will involve the following:

Assessment of the current level of performance of the client company’s Internal Audit function vis-a-vis the II A.

Assessment of the client company’s Internal Audit function vis-a-vis extant Codes of Corporate Governance (NCCG and SEC Corporate Governance Guidelines).

Benchmarking the performance and organization of the Internal Audit function with GAIN parameters.

Interviewing members of the Audit Committee, key business, owners, and members of the Internal Audit team.

Providing an in-depth gap analysis of the client Company’s Internal Audit function and developing clear recommendations on the changes necessary for optimal performance.

Developing an action plan, with a clear schedule and milestones for implementation to bridge the gap.

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